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Welcome to Bloomingdale Elementary School.
Technology Resources Calendars
Check out our calendars below for an at a glance view of our sign-out calendars!  See below for reservation details.
Want to sign up?  Here's a Video Tutorial

1.  Go to
2.  Use the red plus button  and set the date and time that you need the cart.  Name the event with your last name, room number, and number of devices needed (Wickwire, 123, 12).  That way the calendar will show everyone who has the carts at a glance.
3.  In the "calendar" drop down bar, choose the calendar that you wish to use- there's a different calendar for each cart.  Cart #1 is the one that we have had for some time.  The Cart #2 is the new cart with the touch screen devices.
4. Hit the red save button.  Then, refresh this website to be sure that your reservation appears as it should.
5.  On the day of your reservation, you will pick up the key for your cart from Mrs. Fountain in the Library.  When you are finished with the cart, please count devices, make sure the cables are all neat and all devices are plugged in then return the key to the Library and the cart to its home.

 Be sure to sign up only for the time when you will be using the cart, not for large chunks of the day if that includes planning time/lunch.  

The Sunday reservations are a "key" for you to know which color goes with which cart.